Christina Hendricks Has “Hundreds” Of Lipsticks!

Christina Hendricks is obsessed with lipsticks and has "hundreds" of cosmetics, and also collects handbags.

The red-haired big breasted actress – who is married to actor Geoffrey Arend - loves adding color to her mouth and admits she can't stop herself from buying make-up in different hues and experimenting with different cosmetic brands.

She said: "I've got hundreds of lipsticks – every color of the rainbow! My new favorite color is Cosmopolitan by Dolce&Gabbana. It's really vibrant."

As well as Christina's obsession with lipstick, the 'Mad Men' beauty is also a handbag collector and loves scouring Internet auction retailer eBay for new bargain accessories.

She added: "I'm always shopping on eBay. I love handbags – at the moment, I'm trying to find a vintage crocodile clutch. I have a 'watching' list on eBay."

"Right now, I'm carrying a red Jimmy Choo bag from the Choo 24:7 collection."

"I've also got the new Chloe Marcie. In Paris recently, I saw two girls carrying it – we were all like, 'I have your bag.'"